Decades of experience led Cromochim to produce a unique high-quality chromium liquor.

Cromobase is obtained by redox reaction of sodium dichromate with glucose in acid medium for sulphuric acid. We mix both advanced and traditional manufacturing techniques to produce basic trivalent chromium sulphate which is appreciated by the most well known tanneries worldwide.

The quality of the delivered Cromobase is guaranteed by the continuous monitoring of raw materials, manufacturing process and final product.

100% Made in Italy, our product is also related to tanning innovation, as its liquid state allows the operator to receive it, stock it and later on to put it in the liming drum without being handled and/or inhaled.

This “organic chrome” gives the leather a particular smooth and filling effect, as well as long-lasting properties, hardly found in other types of chrome. We produce Cromobase at different concentrations (% Cr2 O3) and basicity (°Sch) thanks to batch processing and multiple storage tanks.

33° Sch

33° Sch

42° Sch

50° Sch


Cromochim helps the customer all along the beamhouse operations, supplying up-to-date products for the production of every kind of crust (box, nappa, suede, nubuck, etc.)

Our skilled workers will be able to provide you with recipes and advices on how to use the products properly.

Resins and synthetics

  • Sintar 16 atomized synthetic chromium powder
  • Sintar DT neutralizing retanning syntan
  • Sintar EP replacement syntan
  • Sintar FIL protein filler
  • Sintar HBN syntan for white tannage
  • Sintar HCL phenolic syntan for nappa leather
  • Sintar HB concentrated syntan for white leather
  • Sintar T liq. synthetic agent based on sulphonic naphtalene acid
  • Penetrante SA filling synthetic dyeing auxiliary
  • Sintar K 5 retanning acrylic resin for drums
  • Sintar K 10 pre-condensed aliphatic resin base
  • Sintar K 20 acrylic resin
  • Sintar K 55 methacrylic resin
  • Sintar KM 60 amine melamine resin

Oils and fatliquors

  • Liman S/10 synthetic sulphonate oil
  • Liman FL/35 blend of natural and synthetic sulphited oils
  • Liman AB emulsifying lanolin paste
  • Liman CA fatliquor with cationic charge
  • Liman CL sulphonate synthetic oil
  • Liman PB/N synthetic neat's-foot oil
  • Liman GL natural glycerin
  • Liman FZ/31 synthetic sulphinate oil
  • Liman GLU/D glucose H2O solution
  • Liman PZ31 sulphited synthetic oil


Cromochim S.p.A. sells a wide range of dyestuffs: 48 different colours, various fastness, wiping, dyes, penetration and solubility. Contact us directly for more information about our dyestuffs.

From A to Z...

  • Acido formico 70 - 72% in weight
  • Acido formico 85% in weight
  • Acido acetico 60% in weight
  • Glucosio 43 Bè auxiliary for liming
  • Sorbitolo NC/70 liquid sorbitol
  • Delim AE degreasant for all kinds of leather
  • Delim C0 natural saponified oil
  • Cromocid 1000 anti-mould bactericidal
  • Cromocid 2000 anti-mould bactericidal thiocyanatemethylbenzothiazole
  • Crac 16 antifoam based silicone
  • Decalcinante PB deliming all purpose agent
  • Decalcinante PF deliming all purpose agent
  • Enzarcal TM bating agent
  • Enzigreen AB enzymatic soaking agent
  • Dermabase AP basifying agent for chrome tannage
  • Cromo 33P chromium powder
  • Cromo 50P chromium powder
  • Dermacrom salt with masking effect
  • Glucosol 50% glucose based auxiliary
  • Dermabianco B white liquid pigment
  • Antibatterico n5 anti-mould bactericidal
  • Rugal CR zirconium for wet white
  • Liman SC wax for drums



Our testing laboratory is used to constantly monitor and check the specifications of all the incoming and out-coming products.


Our liming drums laboratory is used to test and create new products or new recipes directly on hides, in order to simulate beamhouse operations and offer assistance to the tanneries.


We have been working for more than 50 years with a main objective: the quality of our products.

We have always wanted to produce something different than others: a chrome made with traditional and unchanged recipes. Cromochim: green gold 100% Made in Italy. UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 and 
UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified: our commitment to quality and environment.

Cromochim SpA


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